We are seeing this little loop as an ‘add-on’ to your major itinerary. It’s shown as starting and finishing in Las Vegas though, of course, this short tour can be just as easily added to a rental from Los Angeles or any other Cruise America rental location in the West.

Death Valley is the lowest area in North America, this is the National Park that has to be seen.

Day 1

Furnace Creek is the base from which to explore Death Valley.

You can stay at the National Park Campground there or at the adjascent Furnace Creek Inn which also has a restaurant, shopping and America’s lowest golf course. Take the opportunity to explore in the direction of Stovepipe Wells as you’ll be headed in the opposite direction tomorrow.

✪ 130 miles to Furnace Creek from Cruise America Las Vegas

★ Visit Red Rock Canyon shortly after leaving Las Vegas and Zabriskie Point just before arriving at your campground



Day 2

A bit of a backhaul for those who came in from Los Angeles but you’re headed towards Barstow today. It looks a long way round on a map but, Providence Mountains and the Devil’s Playground lie between Death Valley and Lake Havasu and there are no roads across.

✪ 170 miles to Barstow

★ Visit Badwater Basin, the lowest point in the US (only 140 miles from the peak of Mt. Whitney; the highest). Take the shuttle from KOA to the silver mining ghost town of Calico



Day 3

The interstate across the Mojave Desert soon soaks up the miles and soon you’ll be on the scenic shoreline of Lake Havasu State Park. The focal point of this popular leisure resort is old London Bridge which was moved stone by numbered stone from its original location spanning the Thames in the late 1960s.

✪ 240 miles to Lake Havasu

★ Visit London Bridge. It was literally “falling down” but now happy in retirement www.piratecoveresort.com


Day 4

Rejoin Interstate 40 north of Havasu and make for the Blake Ranch east of Kingman. As it’s only a 90 minute drive, we suggest you come off on Route 66 (towards Kingman Airport) and follow one of the last remaining parts of this iconic road through to Seligman or even Ash Fork, before returning on Interstate 40 to Blake Ranch (exit 66).

✪ 85 miles to Kingman

★ Visit Grand Canyon Caverns on Route 66 near Peach Springs



Day 5

Since the Blake Ranch is so close to the Grand Canyon, many renters will be heading in that direction. For those returning to Las Vegas, there will be time to visit Chloride on the way back to Las Vegas to return your motorhome. It’s an old silver mining town that the few remaining citizens will not let die.

✪ 120 miles to Las Vegas N.B. Vehicles are allowed to operate in Death Valley, however, extreme caution must be observed. Clients visit these areas at their own risk and are thus responsible for all recovery and other charges. During certain periods these areas are not habitable and could pose a danger to the driver and passengers.