Motorhome Routes USA








 Alaska Highlights.

Alaska offers profoundly beautiful scenery and fantastic opportunities for wildlife viewing, travelling with a motorhome is an amazing way to explore this vast and remote wilderness which is home to Denali National Park and Mount Mckinley. DEPART > ANCHORAGE DURATION > 11 DAYS DISTANCE > 950 MILES Leer Más




 Northwest USA.

One of our longest itineraries, taking you through Washington State, Idaho and Oregon. Pick up in our Seattle/ Everett location, or in Portland, Oregon. There are a lot of miles here; you will want to stay more than the one night in several locations, it’s spectacular and you will want to linger… DEPARTS FROM: SEATTLE or PORTLAND DURATION: 13 DAYS DISTANCE: 1,935 MILES Leer Más






Best of New England.

Charming homes with white picket fences; quaint covered bridges; crashing surf on the rugged Atlantic coast; soaring mountain ranges; sophisticated and stately homes and dining; Colonial history; tea clippers and whaling fleets. These are just some of the iconic New England images we’ve tried to bring together in this itinerary of contrasts DEPART: NEWARK, NEW YORK JFK, BOSTON NORTH or SOUTH DURATION: 11 DAYS DISTANCE: 1,535 MILESLeer Más





Florida’s Beaches and the Keys.

Miami or Fort Lauderdale loop including The Keys, Everglades National Park, Sanibel, Disney and more… In this tour we want you to see a lot more of what Florida has to offer. If you want to cut out Orlando because you did it before, that’s more time to spend meandering and exploring. DEPART: MIAMI SOUTH, MIAMI NORTH or ORLANDO DURATION: 10 DAYS DISTANCE: 1,105 MILES Leer Más




Minnesota Wildlife

Minnesota is known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” where the headwaters of the Mississippi River & Lake Superior are located. With 85,000 miles of coastline, 66 state parks, 57 state forests & 2 National forests this truly is a tour for those wanting to get close to nature and view an abundance of wildlife, including the internationally renowned eagle, wolf & black bear wildlife centers. DEPART > MINNEAPOLIS DURATION > 10 DAYS DISTANCE > 1,005 MILES Leer Más






Phoenix to Las Vegas.

This is a short one-way trip from Phoenix to Las Vegas before two nights of fun in the capital of entertainment. It is designed for those who have little time but want to see something of the natural wonders of the US’s most famous National Parks. If you want to extend the trip to stay longer in some places, feel free… Depart from: Phoenix or Las Vegas Duration: 9 Days Distance:  990 Mille Leer Más

Arizona and New Mexico with the Grand Canyon.

We know you won’t come to Arizona and miss the Grand Canyon but we thought we’d take you on a whistle stop tour of New Mexico and southern Arizona as well. Covering a minimum of 7 nights, we know you will want to stay longer in several of these locations. Leer Más

Attractions of the West.

This is the ultimate tour of the West! Enjoy Southern California beaches, iconic National Parks including Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Zion & Bryce as well as the 3 major cities Los Angeles, San Francisco & Las Vegas, if you have the time and haven’t seen the west then this trip showcases it all!. Leer Más


Cowboy Country.

Memorable combinación de Yellowstone y los tres parques nacionales más espectaculares; monte Rushmore y varios nombres míticos del Oeste: Buffalo Hill, Wild Hill Hickock, Calamity Jane y Deadwood; el géiser Old Faithful, enormes cataratas, indios, cowboys y la gente de Laramie… sin olvidar las montañas Rocosas. Duración: 11 días Recorrido: 2.420 km Leer Más


Rhythms of the South.

This tour takes in three centers of American music, New Orleans, Memphis and Nashville: the cities whose music are the soundtracks of our lives. Most of the driving is city to city on easy to drive Interstate highways. Leer Más

Death Valley.

We are seeing this little loop as an ‘add-on’ to your major itinerary. It’s shown as starting and finishing in Las Vegas though, of course, this short tour can be just as easily added to a rental from Los Angeles or any other Cruise America rental location in the West. Death Valley is the lowest area in North America, this is the National Park that has to be seen. Leer Más


Orlando to the Florida “Pan Handle” and back.

Orlando to the Florida “Pan Handle” and back.
Instead of Florida top to bottom, head west and explore the uncrowded beaches and beauty of the other Florida. The route takes you almost into Alabama and visits the State Capital, Tallahassee before bringing you back to Walt Disney World.
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Orlando to Orlando via South Carolina and Georgia.

In this tour we are going beyond Florida. Indeed, a shorter version of the itinerary can start and finish in Atlanta rather than Florida.

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Grand Canyon and Las Vegas Tour.

This is just a short round-trip for those of you who don’t have a lot of time but during your stay in Las Vegas, want to see the Grand Canyon – not by a fleeting over-fly but really “on the ground”! You may, of course, extend the trip if you wish and stay longer to explore some more. Leer Más


Northeast Cities and More.

Some of America’s most beautiful scenery is to be found in the countryside of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania and this itinerary travelling between the well known cities of Philadelphia, Washington, Niagara Falls and New York will bring a few surprises. You can start and finish this itinerary in New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Newark or even Toronto. DEPART: NEW YORK JFK, NEWARK, WASHINGTON DC, PHILADELPHIA or TORONTO DURATION: 11 DAYS DISTANCE: 1,430 MILES Leer Más



Rute 66 Including Highway 1.

Are you ready to get your kicks on Route 66 also known as The Mother Road! Route 66 served as a major path for those who migrated west exposing millions of American citizens to small towns and different cultures across the country. People doing business along the route became prosperous due to the growing popularity of the highway, which has become one of the most famous roads in America! This trip is also going to take you along another famous Road – Highway 1 where you will have time to also enjoy the amazing Californian coastal scenery. Leer Más




Southern California Highlights.

Running from San Francisco in the north right down to San Diego, just minutes from the Mexican border at Tijuana, California has to be one of those ‘dream destinations’. It has everything from beaches to forests and National Parks so whatever your inclination, do join us for this magnificent ride. You will most definitely want more than one night in each Place!. Leer Más




Texas and Louisiana.

On this tour you will experience the beguiling mix of history, mystery, cajun hospitality and food, Fun with a capital ‘F’ and music that Louisianais so famous for! And then there’s Texas -The Lone Star State they describe as a ‘whole other country’ explore the cities and enjoy the sparkling expansesof windswept beaches, feast on the freshest seafood and relax under the warm Texas sky, it just doesn’t get any better than that Leer Más



The Three State Triangle.

From California to Nevada to Arizona – from man-made wonders to the natural wonders that make America what it is. This isn’t a long tour, less than 1500 miles, and we know you will want to stay longer at some places. You can also pick up the same route starting in Las Vegas or Phoenix; or drive one-way between two of them. So a lot of choice here. Leer Más



Utah and the Canyons.

Everyone knows the Grand Canyon; but not everyone knows that this is just one of a series of amazing natural spectacles in North America. This is your chance to view some of the most magnificent! Departs from: Salt Lake City or Las Vegas Duration 10 Days Distance 1,095 Milles Leer Más

Northern California Highlights.

Discover some of California’s most famous natural icons, then explore some of the hidden gems of Northern California on this 14 day trip.
On this wild and scenic tour of California, you’ll experience soaring Redwood Trees, awe-inspiring Yosemite, crystal clear waters at Lake Tahoe, taste world class wines in Sonoma County and see where California’s gold rush began in Sacramento.
DISTANCE > 1,253 MILES Leer Más

CANADA Motorhome Routes






 Scenic Splendour of The Maritime Canada.

Come and visit the Jewell of Canada that is the maritimes, the 3 provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island each have their own unique cultural identities. The provinces are known for their stunning seacoasts, charming lighthouses and the whale migration DEPART > HALIFAX DURATION > 15 DAYS DISTANCE > 1,800 kms Leer Más






The Great Lakes Music Tour

Chicago for the blues; Detroit’s ‘Motown’ and Cleveland where “Rock and Roll” was born are the musical centers we’ve combined with Toronto and Niagara Falls in this classic two nation itinerary. DEPART > CHICAGO or TORONTO DURATION > 8 DAYS DISTANCE > 1,295 MILES Leer Más





Canada WestWestern Canada is the best place to explore

the great outdoors and nature’s wonders and this tour includes the heart of it all, the splendour of the Rocky Mountains. Leer Más







Classic Ontario Circle Tour

From neon to nature; discover the diversity of Ontario from vibrant cities to breathtaking scenery, historic sights and iconic highlights to include the thundering Niagara Falls on this suggested itinerary. DEPARTS FROM > TORONTO DURATION > 11 DAYS DISTANCE > 955 MILES (1,537 kms) Leer Más







Classic Québec

‘’Best known for its unique cities of Montreal and Québec which combine hundreds of years of history with Gallic charm and superb year round festivals, the Classic Québec tour introduces you to unexpected sites, spectacular scenery and some memorable wildlife and experiences. Each region suggested has a very different feel and lots of character and fun to explore.’’ DEPARTS FROM > MONTRTÉAL DURATION > 11 DAYS DISTANCE > 1,585 MILES (2,550kms) Leer Más