Northeast Cities and More

Some of America’s most beautiful scenery is to be found in the countryside of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania and this itinerary travelling between the well known cities of Philadelphia, Washington, Niagara Falls and New York will bring a few surprises. You can start and finish this itinerary in New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Newark or even Toronto.


Day 1

Collect your Motorhome from Cruise America in New York or Newark. It’s approx 190 or 120 miles respectively to the Blueberry Hill RV Park just inland from the superb Atlantic beaches and the world class entertainment of Atlantic City.

✪ 190 miles from New York or 120 from Newark

★ Visit Long Branch, a favourite beach resort of seven Presidents and site of Beaux-arts Woodrow Wilson Hall


Day 2

It’s a short drive inland to the recommended campsite which, in turn, is just twelve miles from the ‘birthplace’ of the nation and the historical sites of Philadelphia’s Independence National Historical Park.

✪ 60 miles to Philadelphia

★ Visit Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell and the many other sites in ‘The City of Brotherly Love’


Day 3

College Park is home to not only the closest RV resort to Washington DC but also the world’s oldest continuously operating airport which was founded by the Wright brothers a hundred years ago. Both DC public transportation and scheduled sightseeing buses serve the campground.

✪ 120 miles to College Park for Washington DC

★ Visit Capitol Hill, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Smithsonian, the Kennedy gravesite in Arlington National Cemetery and enough other sights and sites to fill a fortnight!


Day 4

Bedford, Pennsylvania, is a great place to break the drive up to the shores of Lake Erie. The whole town is designated a National Historic District and as the suggested campsite tells you, there are more covered bridges than traffic lights around here.

✪ 140 miles to Friendship Village, Bedford

★ Visit Old Bedford Village and Fort Bedford


Day 5

Presque Isle State Park attracts several million visitors each year to its beaches and nature trails. As the same suggests, this ‘almost an’ island is a sandy bar jutting out into Lake Erie and needing several lighthouses to warn of its presence.

✪ 225 miles to Erie

★ Visit the rides and slides of Waldameer Park and Water World or Lake Erie wineries


Day 6

The route to Niagara Falls follows the Lake Erie shore and bypasses the city of Buffalo. When not taking in the majesty of the Fallsthemselves, this international resort that has many attractions including Martin’s Fantasy Island right next door to the campsite. (If you are starting the tour from the Cruise Canada Toronto depot, drive directly to the Niagara Falls Campground.)

✪ 115 miles to Niagara Falls

★ Visit – Canada! The Falls are even more spectacular on the Canadian side. You can walk across the Rainbow bridge or two other crossings. A trip aboard the famous Maid of the Mist is not to be missed.


Day 7

Best known to the world as the one-time home of the US Grand Prix, Watkins Glen State Park is one of the several parks in New York State’s very picturesque Finger Lakes area.

✪ 155 miles to Watkins Glen State Park

★ Visit Seneca Lakes, Sampson and Lodi Point State Parks as you drive north to south down the eastern shore of Lake Seneca

Day 8

Back into New Jersey on a half day drive towards the metropolitan New York area. The destination campground faces Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty and the skyline of Manhattan across the Hudson River. From the campsite, Manhatten is easily reached by ferry or subway. Either ride is little longer than fifteen minutes.

✪ 255 miles to Jersey City

★ Visit New York City. A Broadway play, a super restaurant or just a sightseeing wander

Day 9

Long Island is a very delightful contrast to the city and the further you drive away from New York the greater that

contrast is. Out past JFK International and along the Atlantic Coast, the route takes you through Shinnecock Hills

and then the very fashionable Hamptons bound for the State Park campsite in Hither Hills.

✪ 120 miles to Hither Hills State Park

★ Visit Fire Island National Seashore asp?parkID=48

Day 10

Back down the other side of Long Island. If your airport reading included Nelson Demille, you’ll already be familiar with the villages and bays you’ll see signposted alongside Long Island Sound.

Overnight is back in Jersey City for fun in New York and a very easy drive back to Cruise America in the morning.

✪ 20 miles back to Liberty Harbor

★ Visit Manhattan again for a last night celebration of a memorable tour

Day 11

30 miles and drop off your Motor Home.