Route 66 USA, the Mother Route

Do not hesitate to embark on an adventure full of emotions by traveling the so-called The Mother Road, as millions of American emigrants did in the last two hundred years through peoples and cultures throughout the country. Great fortunes were made with the passage of this human current through this famous artery. This tour is enriched by the trip on another famous California highway: Highway 1 that runs along the famous Pacific coast.

After two days dedicated to discovering the wonderful city of Chicago, you will have to go to the Cruise America station to rent the motorhome, better known as motorhome. Departure to Springfield, Illinois, on Route 66 to enjoy its museums, shops and classic American foods. !

✪ 322 km

★ Visit the tomb of Abraham Lincoln and the Salem State Historic Site, where a village like the one in which Lincoln spent his childhood is reproduced.

Departure to the banks of the Mississippi and St Louis. In this city you can not miss a visit to the Grand Arch, of impressive dimensions, which measures 192 m high (the tallest monument in the country), and recalls the departure point of millions of emigrants to the West, as well as the impulse given to this phenomenon by Thomas Jefferson and the city of St Louis. On the way, Lone Elk Park (natural wealth) and Route 66 State Park are worth stopping.

✪ 442 km

★ Climb to the top of the Grand Arch. Observe in the Lone Elk Park buffaloes, chickens, deer, gazelles … Route 66 State Park offers images of the road’s history.

Today we traverse the heart of the United States en route to Oklahoma City. Recommended stop in Joplin, where the famous Bonnie and Clyde used to take refuge. It follows Tulsa, which came to be called the Oil Capital of the World. It currently houses the world’s largest collection of arts and crafts in the American West, and from there to Oklahoma City.

✪ 402 Km

★ Visit the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa.

Today there is a long way to get to Texas, passing through Amarillo. But it’s worth it. It passes through Palo Duro Canyon State Park, the second largest in the country (about 81,000 ha), where Apaches, Cheyenne and Comanches lived. In Amarillo you can visit the

✪ 532 Km

★ In Palo Duro it is recommended to tour it on horseback that is rented for guided tours in Old West Stables. If you stop at the Cadillac Ranch it is advisable to bring spray paint to leave a memory of your step.

It leaves today in the direction of the Southwest and the entrance to New Mexico by Tucumcari. In this city the mural related to the largest Route 66 in the country is preserved. As a souvenir, it is appropriate to take the photo with him. There are other murals in the city and at night their neon advertisements stand out. Another option is to go hiking – for walking, paddling or fishing – to the Ute or Conchas Lake Parks. Or you can walk many picturesque paths for its views and its variety of fauna, as herds of antelope and deer abound. There is also a magnificent swimming pool at Camping KOA.

✪ 257 km

★ Do not forget to take pictures of the neon ads.

Departure to Albuquerque, capital of the state of New Mexico. you cross the Santa Fe National Forest to reach Santa Fe, a great center of tourist attraction and cultural and artistic center. It has more than 300 galleries and dealers, and occupies the third place in the volume of sales of works of art. The land was inhabited by Amerindians long before the legacy of the Spaniards and even today their cultures, traditions, crafts and beliefs survive. In the state there are 19 towns including the Eight Indian Villages north of Santa Fe. A visit to the city will teach much of the Native American legacy and the current cultural present.

✪ 300 Km

★ Visit an Indian village and the famous art galleries. Santa Fe is distinguished by the quality of its shops and its authentic creations.

Long drive to Williams KOA, entrance to the Grand Canyon, for two overnight stays. On the way it is advisable to stop in Gallup, known as the “Indian capital of the world” for being in the center of the Indian lands. Once in Williams KOA, there are three options to enjoy the Grand Canyon: one-hour tour of the park; join the organized KOA group for the visit by coach or on the Grand Canon Railway train; Stay on site to enjoy western music, wagon rides, bike rental, miniature golf, or horseback riding.

✪ 580 Km

★ Other options: Grand Canyon helicopter tour (recommended) or a jeep or raft ride.

There is no urgency to leave Williams. Its attractions are varied. Today’s journey is 200 km of them 130 by Route 66 already in itself a joy. Head to the Kingman KOA to relax in its huge pool. The campsite is in the middle of the desert surrounded by the Hualapai mountains. Not far away you can see vestiges of the wheels left by the cars of the old pioneers on the way to Fort Beale.

✪ 200 Km

Recommended a visit to the Route 66 Museum in Kingman.

It’s time to enjoy the city that never sleeps: Las Vegas! The KOA campsite is in the city centre. Recommended a walk through its central area (the Strip), perhaps coincides with Cirque du Soleil; not to get lost in the neon lights of Freemont Street.

✪ 160 km

To the west you pass through one of the emblematic places of the Colorado River: the famous Hoover Dam, on the border between Arizona and Nevada. A simple stop to admire this magnificent work of engineering. Continue towards Boulder City and head south around the Providence Mountains to enter the Mojave. National Preserve.

✪ 250 Km

★ The Mojave Desert Reserve is the penultimate stop of the day. It is a solitary desert, full of dunes, volcanic ash cones, yuccas, and wildflower meadows, occupying about 650,000 ha. When visiting its cannons, mountains and tables you will find remains of mines, houses and abandoned military detachments.

Two days to tour two shopping arcades and their 100 stores before leaving for Los Angeles.

✪ 185 Km

★ Recommended visits: Beverly Hills Tour, the beaches of Venice & Muscle, Universal or Disney studios, the Knott Berry Farm market or the footprints of movie stars on Hollywood Boulevard.

From Los Angeles you head north on Route 101 to stay at Santa Margarita Lake KOA. The area is that of Santa Barbara, which they call the “Riviera America” where you can enjoy its beaches and its gastronomy.

✪ 385 Km

★ Visit the Chumash Painted Cave, to appreciate the cave paintings between 500 and 1000 years old.

Departure to Santa Cruz. Do not miss a stop in the “madness” that is the Hearst Castle when passing through San Simeon (105 km). Then, enjoy the beauty of the Pacific coast by Big Sur and Pebble Beach; Pleasant stop in Carmel or Monterey.

✪ 240 Km

★ Visit Hearst Castle, and try the San Luis Obispo SLO, which has created the term Slolife to designate the laid-back atmosphere of Southern California.

It is crossed by the famous Golden Gate Bridge towards Petaluna KOA 55 km to the north. This campsite is distinguished, among other things, by its abundance of cows, sheep, donkeys, goats and peacocks, in its environment. In addition, the ranch offers a water park in summer and excursions in carts at sunset. Another option is to take a tour to San Francisco with daily departures from May to October.

✪ 185 Km

★ Try a ride on the funiculars or visit Alcatraz. Enjoy the excellent gastronomy, nightlife or shopping that this fantastic city offers.

If you have time, it’s worth taking a day trip to Yosemite.

Return in time to return the motorhome to the Cruise America station in Newark, near San Francisco.