Scenic Splendour of The Maritime Canada 

Come and visit the Jewell of Canada that is the maritimes, the 3 provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island each have their own unique cultural identities. The provinces are known for their stunning seacoasts, charming lighthouses and the whale migration

DISTANCE > 1,800 kms

Day 1

After enjoying a couple of nights exploring Halifax (be sure to include a visit to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, with its Titanic artefacts) make your way to the Cruise Canada Halifax depot to collect your motorhome. Enjoy a gentle drive along the south shore and be enriched by the amazing ocean views, visit the charming coastal communities of Peggys’ Cove, Chester & Mahone Bay before pressing onto the town of Lunenburg that is a UNESCO world heritage site.

✪ 95kms to Lunenburg

★ Don’t Forget Your Camera, the Peggy’s Cove lighthouse is the most photographed lighthouse in Canada! If time permits take a Scenic Boat Tour: Cruise out to see nesting arctic puffins, seals, and the occasional whale!


Day 2

Take a short harbour cruise on the Bluenose racing schooner or similar excursions. By mid-afternoon continue along the south shore before heading inland to Kejimkujik National Park.

✪ 115kms to Kejimkjik National Park

★ Whilst in Lunenburg make time to visit the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic, and learn of the town’s importance during the fisheries boom.


Day 3 & 4

Spend the day enjoying all that the National Park has to offer from Canoeing to hiking to cycling. The park has an abundance of wildlife and has North America’s largest collection of Petroglyphs. By late afternoon continue your journey heading towards Digby. On your second day head to Digby Neck for the opportunity to see the whales of the Bay of Fundy. In summer the bay provides feeding and mating grounds for the Finback, Humpback, Minke & Right Whales.

✪ 105kms to Digby

★ Head down to Brier Island via 2 cable ferries to discover first hand the true giants of the ocean!


Day 5 & 6

This morning take the Bay Ferry over to the neighbouring province of New Brunswick making your way along the Fundy Coast to the Fundy Trail Parkway. Breathtaking vistas, flora, and fauna abound in this multi-use coastal experience hugging New Brunswick’s majestic Bay of Fundy – One of the Marine Wonders of the World. As you drive along the 11 Km coastal roadway take time to stop at the observations decks, you might just catch sight of whales! After enjoying some time here it is time to set off to Fundy National Park. Take advantage of the park’s natural setting, explore the forest, and discover the creatures of the inter-tidal zone.

✪ 205 kms to Fundy National Park

★ Visit one of the observation areas to catch a sight of whales. Visit the interpretive center at Big Salmon River!


Day 7 & 8

Today you set off to Hopewell Rocks, The Ocean Tidal Exploration Site and home to the world’s highest tides! Here you can walk on the Bay of Fundy’s ocean floor. The gravitational pull of the sun and moon causes tides that rise and fall up to an incredible 48 ft twice a day – every day! Finally end your journey at Kouchibouguac (Koushe-boo-gwack) National Park, a fascinating mosaic of bogs, salt marshes, tidal rivers, sparkling freshwater systems, sheltered lagoons, abandoned fields and tall forests.

✪ 215 kms to Kouchibouguac

★ Check the tide schedule on the Hopewell Rocks website and schedule your visit to walk on the ocean floor and/or to kayak around the rocks. Enjoy a lobster cruise with Shediac Bay Cruises. Hire a bike and cycle some of the 60 kms of cycling paths in Kouchibouguac. pn-np/nb/kouchibouguac/ activ/ete-summer/ avantpays-frontcountry/reservations.aspx


Day 9 & 10

Today you cross over the Confederation Bridge and onto Prince Edward Island, home of Anne of Green Gables. If you have ever read the book and wondered “if it is a real place” you will want to come and visit this magical setting, as millions of fans before you have done. Enjoy one of the three tourist coastal drives which are clearly marked along the way, with colourful signage, no doubt as you enjoy the beautiful scenery you will also spot a few lighthouses the island is so famous for, there are about 50!

✪ 235 kms to Charlotte Town

★ Visit the Green Gables Heritage Place in Cavendish. Enjoy one of the scenic coastal drives and visit some of the lighthouses.


Day 11

This morning you arrive by ferry into the town of Pictou know as the birthplace of Nova Scotia. After lunch drive north to Cape Breton Island referred to as a maritime masterpiece before finally ending your day at Lake Ainslie.

✪ 250kms to East Lake Ainslie

★ Visit the Hector Heritage centre and step aboard an exact replica of the Ship Hector that brought the first Scottish settlers to Nova Scotia.

Day 12 & 13

This morning take a slight detour to the coastal town of Inverness, known for its warm ocean waters and Mermaids Tears (coloured sea glass that washes up along this coastline) it’s a beachcombers dream. Then head north to Margaree Harbour and join the famous Cabot Trail a stunning driving trail that goes from sea-level to a 3,000 foot elevation that runs along two coast lines (the Gulf of St Lawrence and the Atlantic) and through a National Park.

✪ 125kms to Ingonish

★ Spend some time beachcombing at Inverness. Stop and enjoy a hike on one of the 26 trails within the National Park.

Day 14

It’s a long drive today and your last chance to enjoy the delights of the eastern shore or visit Martinique Beach before your final stop back at the Cruise Canada depot in Halifax, at the KOA.

✪ 455kms to Halifax

Day 15

Having spent the night at the Cruise Canada depot located at the KOA you have the morning to pack before returning your motorhome.