Triangle of 3 States

From California to Nevada to Arizona. Territory full of natural wonders. They are about 2,400 km although there will be places where you want to extend your stay. The same tour can start in Las Vegas or Phoenix or go directly from one city to the other.

Motorhome pickup: Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego or Las Vegas
Duration: 10 Days
Distance: 1300 miles / 2100 km

Pickup of the caravan at the Cruise America station in Los Angeles. Departure to Barstow where you spend the night in your new campsite. At this point the old Spanish Camino Real and the famous Route 66 intersect. 212 km to Barstow. Take a KOA shuttle to the Calico silver mine.

Two hours of travel bordering the Mojave desert and you reach Las Vegas. We have for you the best campsite in this crazy city of neon light, stars and casinos. Stroll along the Strip at night and choose a show. There are several from Cirque du Soleil. It’s easy to find tickets. 223 km to Las Vegas. Visit New York, Paris, Mandalay, Luxor, the Barbary coast” all on the Strip.

Today it crosses Arizona passing through the Hoover Dam, which offers spectacular characteristics by controlling the Colorado River with turbines that release water at 140 km per hour and supplies energy to a large part of three states. You visit the Museum that shows how this colossal feat of human ingenuity was forged. Kingman is followed. 190 km to Kingman, gateway on historic Route 66. Visit the Powerhouse Visitors’ Center where you can find maps for walking tours.

It takes the longest stretch of Route 66 from Kingman to Ash Fork.Se passes through the Hualapal Indian Reservation in Peach Springs and very close to the Grand Canyon, although it does not have access there. But the 66 continues and in Williams turns north to reach the Grand Canyon and the Mather camplng. 240 km to the Grand Canyon. Visit to the edge at sunset or sunrise.

Four hours drive south on Interstate 17 and the landscape changes radically: from green forests of pines and ash trees to the desert populated by giant cacti and bushes. Only that change justifies the tour of the Coconino forest and it is recommended to spend the night in Sedona. The campsite is on the eastern edge of Scottsdale: from the desert floor rise the Four Peaks. 435 km to Phoenix. Visit to Montezuma Castle. One of the best preserved houses excavated in the cantil.

Don’t hesitate to stop halfway in Blythe on the Colorado River. Its specialty is to make the stay of visitors pleasant. 268 km to Blythe . Visit to the Cibola National Wildlife Refuge.

Stop at Joshua Tree National Park and, if necessary, visit the Salton Sea State Recreation Center. This on the way to Palm Springs and neighboring Palm Desert. You cross the desert on Frank Sinatra Drive to Emerald Desert, where you can make a two-hour stop to do, if you feel like it, 9 holes of golf. 246 km to Palm Desert. Visit Palm Springs, famous for the famous film and music who usually spend time in their homes in this city

Finally, towards the sea and the beaches. From the campsite you go south on Pinion Flats, go around the San Bernardino National Forest and cross the Cleveland Forest to take the Interstate to San Diego. You can also go in a couple of hours directly to the Pacific Ocean by the Interstate until the end. Campland campsite is recommended. 217 km on the Interstate to Campland. Visit the famous Mount Palomar Observatory.

To get to Cruise America you need at least two hours especially if it is rush hour. 177 km to get to Cruise America to return vehicle.