Utah and its Canyons

Everyone knows the Grand Canyon, but North America has many other natural landscapes that amaze. This is your chance to contemplate them.

Departure from Salt Lake City
Duration: 10 days.
Length: 1095 Miles / 1815 km.

Pick up the motorhome in Salt Lake City. And travel directly south for 67 km to Springville. 5 km from the Freeway is the East Bay RV Park campsite, at the foot of the majestic Rocky Mountains, 10 minutes from Brigham Young University and Seven Peaks Water Park. Campsites have connections to water, electricity, etc., and offer the opportunity to familiarize yourself with your mobile home. 72 km to East Bay RV Park. Visit Timpanogos Cave National Monument.

Exit south on scenic Route 6 past the Uinta National Forest. This forest occupies 810,000 hectares of protected nature and is the one that receives the most visitors from all over the country. 64 km north of Moab, exit towards Canyonsland National Park and Islands in the Sky information center. The plateau that bears that name looms over steep sandstone cliffs and offers from any point the spectacular panoramas of Canyonsland. The island is visited in a short time. To return to the campsite it takes about 40 minutes. 446 km to the Moab KOA campsite and visit to the Canyonsland National Park. . Visit Green River and its excellent Green River Museum.

Moab is the main hub for visiting the Canyonsland/Arches National Park area. Boat trips are offered on the Colorado River and, if you like thrills, you take the rapids. In the evening, enjoy dinner on the Dinner Cruise or the Sound and Light Cruise. Visit the Family Fun Center and the shops and restaurants of Moab.

Exploration of the Arches National Park in which more than 2,000 natural sandstone arches stand out, especially the Delicate Arch. Nature offers the highest density and a huge variety of formations, colors and textures unique in the world. 116 km further south is the campsite, in an area known as the Four Corners; point where the boundaries of Utah (northwest), Colorado (northeast), New Mexico (southeast) and Arizona (southwest) intersect. A visit to Cortez (Colorado) is suggested; or south to Monument Valley; and camping at Blue Mountain RV Park amidst wonderful scenery. 116 km to Blanding after spending the day exploring the Arches National Park. Visit Devil’s Garden and The Windows in the same park.

Head west on Route 276 to cross the Colorado River on the Charles Hall Ferry from Halls Crossing Marina to Bullfrog Marina. Almost 5 km in 30 minutes and frequency every half hour from mid-May to mid-September. From Bullfrog you travel 161 km past the Glen Canyon Recreation Area. Escalante State Park is located 2.4 km from the town of Escalante, off State Route 12; It contains colorful deposits of petrified wood and dinosaur bones. In the park is the Wide Hollow Dam that occupies 52 hectares and where you can fish and other water activities. The campsite has an information centre, 22 accommodation units, modern toilets, showers, rubbish disposal and an orientation trail. 306 km to Escalante State Park. Visit the Escalante Canyons before reaching the city and the park.

Bryce Canyon National Park has been called a laboratory for scientists and a playground for children. Of course there is nothing like what has been known so far. Rain, snow and wind have been eroding the terrain to form amphitheaters, white or orange sandstone columns and steep cliffs. For now it is allowed to circulate with the vehicle, but it is recommended to take the free shuttle that makes 12 stops in the most interesting places. 167 km to Ruby’s Inn RV Park. Inside the park, visit the Sunrise, Sunset and Inspiration points.

Exit south on Route 89: on the right, the Dixie National Forest that offers something original. The greatest experience awaits you at Zion National Park. The slopes of the canyon rise towards the blue of the sky. Nothing like walking between those huge walls and entering their narrowest points. The sandstone of the cliffs alternate between pink, red and cream. Watchman Campground is recommended within the park itself. It has 63 spaces for caravans with electrical connection and is open all year round. It is necessary to visit this area by shuttle. Nine stops along the Canyon Loop. 133 km to Zion National Park. Visit The Zion Human History Museum.

After visiting so many beautiful natural places you may like to visit the other artificial miracle that is Las Vegas. To do this you take Interstate 15, turn left (and not right) to the south and not to the north and Salt Lake City and you reach Las Vegas after 241 km. If, on the other hand, you are not interested in going to Las Vegas, you can continue for a while in Zion National Park or take the way back stopping at night at the Fillmore KOA campsite (3 hours). 264 km to Fillmore KOA. Visit OldCove Fort.

In 2 hours you can reach Salt Lake City. This center of the Mormon confession is worth visiting. In its Family History Library you can quickly and freely consult millions of genealogies from all over the world. 14 blocks from Temple Square we find the VIP Camp where you can rest. Visit the Mormon Tabernacle. With luck you will be able to hear the 11,623-pipe organ accompanying its famous choir.

At 18 km is the point of return of the motorhome and end of the trip.